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Madhavdas Mamtani ne Gurbani de Galat Arth Karke Sangat Nu Kita Gumrah.


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Sikhs get up in arms if someone declares that Sikhs are Hindoo’s. SO why the heck are Sikhs celebrating most of the hindu festives. Are most Sikhs STUPID or have the Gurdwara’s let us down? Dont we have any greys cells left in our donkey brain?

Seek Enlightenment not Diwali Deeva

ਸਿੱਖੋ – ਜੇ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਮੰਨਦੇ ਹੋ ਕਿ ਅਸੀਂ ਹਿੰਦੂ ਹਾਂ ਤਾਂ ਜ਼ਰੂਰ ਦੀਵਾਲੀ ਮਨਾਉ…….Bhai Baljeet Singh Delhi

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Quote “Suspecting the police might be involved in his disappearance, former SAD councillor Rajinder Singh Bhatia said, “We all fear the cops picked him up and will torture him. In fact many people have gone missing after yesterday’s clashes and this needs to be probed.”

Spurce: http://sikhsangat.org/2009/12/another-sikh-missing-since-yesterday%E2%80%99s-clashes/

Ludhiana, Punjab: There is no official figure of how many Sikhs killed or injured in Ludhiana Police and Sikh Sangat clash. Jagjit Singh is very worried man and so is his family. The reason – his 38-year-old brother, Swaran, who had gone out along with him, is still missing.

“My brother and I, along with his seven-year-old son, had gone along with the ‘Akhand Kirtaniya jatha’ to the Feruman Shaheeda gurdwara to protest against a congregation that was being held at the GLADA grounds on Chandigarh Road. Though my nephew and I came back home safe and sound yesterday, I don’t have any idea about where my brother might be,” said a worried Jagjit.

“We’ve been looking for him everywhere, praying he is safe, but have yet not been able to get a clue as to his whereabouts. “The last time I saw him yesterday was at Cheema Chowk when the police lobbed tear gas shells at a rampaging mob. After the crowd dispersed we got separated,” he added.

For the last 35 hours Jagjit has been frantically searching for his brother, hoping someone would disclose his whereabouts.

“My brother devotes most of his time in prayers and ‘kirtans’ and we thought he was probably busy helping those injured in the violence. However, his mobile has remained switched off”, says Jagjit. He added Swaran has two sons aged seven and four, along with a nine-year-old daughter and wife Simranjit Kaur waiting for him.

Suspecting the police might be involved in his disappearance, former SAD councillor Rajinder Singh Bhatia said, “We all fear the cops picked him up and will torture him. In fact many people have gone missing after yesterday’s clashes and this needs to be probed.”

Swaran is a resident of Azad Nagar and runs a confectionary shop to earn his livelihood.

Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh shortly before he died. As seen in picture, Singhs were trying to help him.

Another Sikh on the ground. In this picture one Policeman seen helping him & shielding him but soon left him bleeding on ground.

Beating innocent, non-armed sikhs?

Lawless Police Force

Collecting bullets

Police didn’t fire in air but were aiming at protestors. Some bullets hit many public buses as seen above.

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Innocent Sikhs who were peacefully protesting against anti Sikh organisation Dera Ashutosh DJJS were brutally attacked by Govt Police/Paramilitary Forces without any provocation.

From video information – Quote “Innocent Sikhs who were peacefully protesting againts anti Sikh organisation Dera Ashutosh DJJS were brutally attacked by Govt Police/Paramilitary Forces without any provocation.

1 Sikh so far has died as a result
The Punjab government on Saturday evening ordered a magisterial probe into violent incidents in this industrial city that left one person dead and over 15 injured in a clash between police and Sikh protesters who tried to disrupt a religious conference of controversial sect leader Ashutosh .

One person was killed Saturday in police firing near Samrala crossing on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh highway. The victim was identified as Darshan Singh. At least two others were in serious condition.

Kanwarpal Singh Bittu of Dal Khalsa, told IANS that the police firing was unprovoked. “They suddenly opened fire as we were proceeding to the venue of the conference,” .

Ashutosh and other deras in Punjab are the part of plan of the Hindu fascists of converting Panjab to Hinduism and bringing it within the Hindutva fold of Hindi,Hindu,Hindustan. These deras are just a front for fascists for training new terrorists in all parts of Panjab.Ashutosh has been clear about his political stand,at his last function Hindutva was the main theme.

At his last meet DJJS said their is no such thing as Sikhism,that ‘Hindu dhrama’ has many branches and so called Sikhs just a part of the great ‘Hindu samaj’.It was also mentioned that there are some people claiming that Sikhs are not Hindu and are a separate and independent Nation, they said “these are agents of Pakistan and the West”.

Dal Khalsa would like to clarify that Sikhs are not Hindu and are a separate and independent Nation. Hate for Muslims or any other faith is against the core principals of Sikhism.Hindutava is not a faith it is plain and simple fascism we as nation should stand against it and join all those in opposition of it.”

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Diwali (deepawali/diwalee) reminded me of x’mas card incidences of last year.

One was receiving 2 Christmas cards from 2 ‘Sikh’ couples last year!! LOL!! I can understand if they were from non-sikhs but from Sikhs!!!!. Have they gone BONKERS!!

I was informed that a very long time ago in my local Gurdwara, many of these then ignoramous ‘Sikhs’ use to sent each other x’mas cards!!!!

Many of these then ignoramous Sikhs know better nowadays with the exception of one individual who I sincerely hope will not make the same mistake again. It seems that he sent x’mas cards to many Sikhs and not only me. This reminds me TO REMIND HIM not to make the same mistake again and that he should if he want to spent his money to spent it sending Gurpurab cards.

Please note that I received no GurPurabh cards from the ignoramous couple I mentioned above. ( I did received e-cards and cards from other Sikhs though.)

I know for a fact that these “Sikhs” attend Gurdwara (probably with blinkers and ear plugs).

I basically informed them that Sikhs celebrated with sangat keertan shabad and/or akhand padh  in Gurdwara Guru purabh’s and that they should post Sikhee related cards such as Basaikhi cards with gurbani message if they want to spent their money and time sending cards.

There will still be some so called ‘sikhs” who will continue celebrating hindu diwali at home totally oblivious of Gurbani teachings and will probably also continue celebrating x’mas at home with x’mas trees, turkey, alcohol and parties – totally oblivious of the “paganism” history attached to this event and of course oblivious of Gurmat too!

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Its about time Sikhs get it right when it comes to the Hindu festival of diwali/deepavali/diwali .

1. A Sikh Historical event attached to the day. I am not going to argue with dates. I believe that irrespective of the accuracy of the date, at least Sikhs are trying to distinguish the event from hinduism.

2. All Gurpurabs and Sikh historical events should be celebrated like the one specific Sikh historical event mentioned in point 1.

4. Harmandar Sahib (golden temple) should be lighted(within limits) on all Gurpurabs or Sikh historical events. 

5. Most importantly, Gurbani explains what exactly “bandi shor” means and this message must be conveyed clearly.

6. Keertani’s must sing the complete shabad to convey the complete message/teaching of the shabad and not simply sing 1 or 2 pangtees (lines) of the shabads to suit the occasion.

7. Light the “naam diwa” in ones mind and not in ones house inviting fire hazards and manmat.

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Sorath on Pannaa 624


soriT mhlw 5 ]
sorat(h) mehalaa 5 ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehla:
geI bhoVu bMdI CoVu inrMkwru duKdwrI ]
gee behorr ba(n)dhee shhorr nira(n)kaar dhukhadhaaree ||
The Restorer of what was taken away, the Liberator from captivity; the Formless Lord, the Destroyer of pain.
krmu n jwxw Drmu n jwxw loBI mwieAwDwrI ]
karam n jaanaa dhharam n jaanaa lobhee maaeiaadhhaaree ||
I do not know about karma and good deeds; I do not know about Dharma and righteous living. I am so greedy, chasing after Maya.
nwmu pirE Bgqu goivMd kw ieh rwKhu pYj qumwrI ]1]
naam pariou bhagath govi(n)dh kaa eih raakhahu paij thumaaree ||1||
I go by the name of God’s devotee; please, save this honor of Yours. ||1||
hir jIau inmwixAw qU mwxu ]
har jeeo nimaaniaa thoo maan ||
O Dear Lord, You are the honor of the dishonored.
incIijAw cIj kry myrw goivMdu qyrI kudriq kau kurbwxu ] rhwau ]
nicheejiaa cheej karae maeraa govi(n)dh thaeree kudharath ko kurabaan || rehaao ||
You make the unworthy ones worthy, O my Lord of the Universe; I am a sacrifice to Your almighty creative power. ||Pause||
jYsw bwlku Bwie suBweI lK AprwD kmwvY ]
jaisaa baalak bhaae subhaaee lakh aparaadhh kamaavai ||
Like the child, innocently making thousands of mistakes
kir aupdysu iJVky bhu BwqI bhuiV ipqw gil lwvY ]
kar oupadhaes jhirrakae bahu bhaathee bahurr pithaa gal laavai ||
his father teaches him, and scolds him so many times, but still, he hugs him close in his embrace.
ipCly Aaugux bKis ley pRBu AwgY mwrig pwvY ]2]
pishhalae aougun bakhas leae prabh aagai maarag paavai ||2||
Please forgive my past actions, God, and place me on Your path for the future. ||2||
hir AMqrjwmI sB ibiD jwxY qw iksu pih AwiK suxweIAY ]
har a(n)tharajaamee sabh bidhh jaanai thaa kis pehi aakh sunaaeeai ||
The Lord, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, knows all about my state of mind; so who else should I go to and speak to?
khxY kQin n BIjY goibMdu hir BwvY pYj rKweIAY ]
kehanai kathhan n bheejai gobi(n)dh har bhaavai paij rakhaaeeai ||
The Lord, the Lord of the Universe, is not pleased by mere recitation of words; if it is pleasing to His Will, He preserves our honor.
Avr Et mY sglI dyKI iek qyrI Et rhweIAY ]3]
avar outt mai sagalee dhaekhee eik thaeree outt rehaaeeai ||3||
I have seen all other shelters, but Yours alone remains for me. ||3||
hoie dieAwlu ikrpwlu pRBu Twkuru Awpy suxY bynµqI ]
hoe dhaeiaal kirapaal prabh t(h)aakur aapae sunai baena(n)thee ||
Becoming kind and compassionate, God the Lord and Master Himself listens to my prayer.
pUrw sqguru myil imlwvY sB cUkY mn kI icMqI ]
pooraa sathagur mael milaavai sabh chookai man kee chi(n)thee ||
He unites me in Union with the Perfect True Guru, and all the cares and anxieties of my mind are dispelled.
hir hir nwmu AvKdu muiK pwieAw jn nwnk suiK vsMqI ]4]12]62]
har har naam avakhadh mukh paaeiaa jan naanak sukh vasa(n)thee ||4||12||62||
The Lord, Har, Har, has placed the medicine of the Naam into my mouth; servant Nanak abides in peace. ||4||12||62||

Published on 19 Oct 2009 Edited: 05 Oct 2011

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